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Her Politics

Politics have generally been a man’s game, but no longer. After the Pink Wave in 2018, more women are running for office, and at Her Circle, we want to bring your attention and support to the women making the government work for us all.

Her Business

From corporate America to small businesses, women are making strides in the workplace. At Her Circle, we are highlighting how women are navigating the professional world to find success.

Her Culture

The countless contributions women have made to history, art and media may have gone unappreciated in the past, but Her Circle News is bringing the spotlight back to women who are influencing a shift in our appreciation of the “her” culture.

Her Health

A woman’s health is unique to her, and it often does not come with a guidebook. With lack of research funding for the female body, and a medical world centered on men, we must support and learn from each other.

Her Journals

Hear from a growing number of female contributors on everything from their college experiences, to thoughts on the current political climate. 

Dissent Pin

Dissent Pin

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Her Circle News

It's our time to put "her" spin on what is happening.


Women writers, artists, and journalists from all over the country come together here to present their  commentary around what is happening in the world and what might be possible. 

Support us if you can. A female news media company? Why not? 

Our site is for women who are looking for news, commentary and ways to contribute to change - and enlightened men looking for a point of view that might not be a mirror of their own, but might open their thinking to new possibilities. 

Welcome All.

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