Being Present  

It's that time of year again .... packages, boxes, ribbons and bows.

All filled, wrapped and tucked under the tree.

But some of the boxes we carry inside, filled with memories -- some sad, some joyous, some happy, some of shame or guilt. When an event in the present moment reminds us of something in the past, those boxes get opened, and we are no longer present.... no longer living in the moment, but in the past.

I carry a number of boxes inside me in preparing for these holidays.... some good, some bad. I remember finding out that there was no Santa Claus, I remember my father being drunk and kicking my mom under the tree, I remember the joy of seeing my little kids leave out cookies for Santa. On and on. Putting ornaments on the tree reminds me of the friend that gave them to me, the store where I purchased it, and on and on.

And so, when I’m putting those ornaments on the tree, I've often left the present moment and present joy. I’m not paying attention to the sensation of the ornament on my fingers or the smell of pine needles or the laugh of the people I'm with. I’m not paying attention to the twinkling of the lights and the images they make on the walls. I lose the newness of the moment, the experience in that moment.

Open your eyes, open your Heart this holiday season.

Experience each new moment as often as you remember ones gone by.

Guru Singh - Every moment is experienced in the microcosm of your breathing. Every breath is completely new; every moment is completely reborn within the breath. Inspiration means ‘in-spirit’ -- it’s rebirthing into the new and unfamiliar. If you require safety, if you need it to be obvious in the foreground, then you will bring old memory into the moment and not experience the newness. You'll experience desperation -- which means ‘without spirit’ without rebirthing.

Join us Thursday evening as we practice being present, in the moment.

AWAKEN, @ the Angel Cooperative, Ridgefield, 6pm Thursdays

Sue Baxter



Sessions Tuesdays at 8AM and Thursdays at 6PM, Angel Cooperative, Ridgefield.

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