Candidate Highlight: Kansas Senate

"Morally, the [Republican] party is not going where my compass resides. I'm looking forward to being in a party that represents the ideals that I do, including Medicaid expansion and funding our K–12 schools."

-Barbara Bollier

Meet Barbara Bollier, the Democrat running for the Kansas Senate seat. She earned her MD from the University of Kansas School of Medicine and worked at the Surgicenter of Kansas City until 1999. Barbara then began to work on the Shawnee Mission Education Foundation Board. She first held public office in 2010 as a Republican in the Kansas House of Representatives, and stayed there until 2017. Barbara then ran, and won, for the Kansas Senate 7th seat in 2016. In 2018 she changed her party affiliation to the Democratic party, citing anti- transgender legislation in her old party as the last straw. Bollier is now an advocate for affordable healthcare, and is a ranking member on the Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee. She has also pushed for adequate funding for public schools, and opposed the Republican tax experiment that took place in her state in 2012. She has also called to reform the United States Postal Services, a current hot button issue. If Barbara wins, she will be the first woman doctor elected to the U.S. Senate.

The Republican primary is August 4th, and the race is packed. While there are eleven candidates, the potential favorites seem to be Bob Hamilton, Kris Kobach, and Roger Marshall. Hamilton is an entrepreneur and owns a plumbing company; Kobach is former Secretary of State of Kansas and the loser of the 2018 Kansas gubernatorial election; Marshall is the current U.S. Representative for Kansas's 1st congressional district. Hamilton has been likened to Trump, as he is financing his own campaign; Kobach has been accused of having ties to white nationalists; Marshallis favored by many establishment Republicans, includingMitch McConnell. While President Trump has not formally endorsed any candidate, he has been working to prevent Kobach’s nomination. WhileKobach was the initial favorite, aMay poll from Public Opinion Strategies found that Marshall had a seven point lead (33-26) over Kobach.

In a poll from June 2nd (FiveThirtyEight), Bollier is polling about 40-40 against each of these three possible Republican nominees. Against Hamilton and Kobach, she is up one point, and against Marshall she is down one point. Here’s how you can support Barbara’s campaign:

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