Candidate Highlight: Maine's Senate Seat

Meet Sara Gideon, a Democrat running for the Maine Senate seat. Sara is currently the Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives, and has worked towards expanding healthcare, economic opportunity, and educational opportunities for Mainers. She is pro- choice, pro- clean energy, and ready to take on big pharmaceutical companies.Sara has also led the legislature in Maine to ensure affordable reproductive care, and says “every woman has the right to safely make her own health decisions, control her own future, and get care from the provider of her choice.”

Meet Susan Collins, the incumbent Republican Senator. Over the 23 years of her Senate career, Collins has been a pivotal vote on many detrimental issues, including voting to weaken the ACA and repealing the individual mandate in 2017 as part of a Republican tax bill.Collins also voted to confirm Kavanaugh, claiming she was confident that he would not overturn Roe v Wade, yet he voted against blocking a Louisiana law in 2019 that would severely limit access to abortions. When asked about Trump in 2016, Collins said “my conclusion about Mr. Trump's unsuitability for office is based on his disregard for the precept of treating others with respect, an idea that should transcend politics”, yet she votes with his position 67% of the time, and voted to acquit him during the impeachment trial.

A poll from late May shows Gideon leading Collins by 9 points, and this race promises to be close. Here’s how you can work on or support Sara’s campaign:

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