Female Leaders and COVID-19

Promising statistics coming out of nations with female head-of-states

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold, let us remember that is the counties with women as their leaders who are experiencing some of the most promising statistics during the chaos. Here are some fast facts:

As of April 27, 2020:

Taiwan (Tsaí Ing-wen)

- 429 Total Cases

- Only 6 deaths, none since April 10th

- One of the first to respond to the pandemic in January without having to mandate lockdowns

Finland (Sanna Marin)

- 4,695 Total Cases

- 193 Deaths

- Was the first to use social media influencers of all ages to spread fact based information about the virus

New Zealand (Jacinda Arden)

- 1,469 Total Cases, of which, 1,180 are have recovered

- 19 Deaths

- Imposed an early lockdown with just 6 cases in the country. She has been highly praised for her decision making skills and composure while communicating with the public

Norway (Erna Solberg)

- 7,554 Total Cases

- 205 Deaths

- Held a press conference dedicated to the county’s youth and their questions.

Denmark (Mette Frederiksen)

- 8,698 Total Cases

- 427 Deaths

- Televised a short press conference for children to ask questions.

Iceland (Katrín Jakobsdóttir)

- 1,792 Total Cases, of which, 1,624 have recovered

- 10 Deaths

- Offered free testing to all citizens.







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