Gallagher: You Decide

Eddie Gallagher. Complicated case. The navy person who Trump recently pardoned. He was acquitted of murder, but convicted of posing with the dead body of boy who was killed by our troops. Posing like you see in those pictures of people that shoot lions and tigers, and bears, oh my. Trump pardoned him and gave him full military standing against the advice of this military commandeers, who were reviewing his case to see if they should strip him of his ranking. The head of the Navy was fired for standing up against the Trump decision. He has since been vocal in his attack on Trump's actions around military intervention.

Gallagher's brother puts forth a compelling argument in his OpEd to the Navy Times.

He says Gallagher's kids were dragged half naked into the street from their home. He said Gallagher was housed in the brink with sex offenders. He says he was exonerated, and this whole thing was a sham. BUT, he never addresses whether or not the picture was real, and the Gallagher defense team says it was. He never addresses why every man serving under Gallagher testified AGAINST him during the two week trial.

Time Magazine (I can only put one article in this posting. I will post it in the comments below this article) says Gallagher has a history of violence and inappropriate behavior and anger issues.

From the Time Magazine Article

"During his service, Gallagher has also been the subject of multiple military investigations. In 2010, he was investigated for shooting a young girl in Afghanistan, but no charges were filed against him, according to The New York Times. He was also accused of trying to run over a Navy police officer in 2014 after being pulled over in a traffic stop. That incident, too, resulted in no charges."

“This should never have gotten to a trial the way that it did. Posing for a photo like that- that’s something that’s normally handled at a non-judicial punishment,” his defense lawyer said.

While acknowledging that Gallagher had stabbed the teen, Special Operator Corey Scott testified during the trial that he was the one who killed the teen himself by deliberately blocking the young man’s breathing tubes, which he said asphyxiated the boy. Scott described this as a mercy killing, and argued he felt the teen would have been tortured when detained by Iraqi police due to his ties to ISIS. Scott, who said he does not want to see Gallagher jailed, was reportedly granted immunity as a witness for the prosecution, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Following his testimony, prosecutors accused Scott of lying and said that he never revealed this version of the incident in previous conversations."

So it is complicated. And, he didn't do all he was accused of doing. AND, the Navy was handling the review of his standing internally before Trump intervened.

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