Hail Mary Pass: The Confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett

This thing is happening whether we want it to or not. It’s happening whether it’s on the right side of justice, or an abomination of the judicial-political process. It’s happening before the body has had a chance to cool. Amy Coney Barrett has been nominated to the Supreme Court by Donald J. Trump. Clearly, this thing is on like Donkey Kong.

I get that my team is losing something precious in this nomination. We are losing the balance piece on the scale of equal justice. We are losing a voice who stood for choice. I, personally, am feeling all the fears one would expect me to feel: terror of lesser gun control laws, worry over losing my health insurance – my pre-existing condition coverage, fear of an overturn of Roe vs Wade, a dread of religion having a louder, clearer voice in my government. I am simply unable to comprehend the reversal of freedom to marry or equal rights for women.

We could talk about the unfairness of it all - the arrogance of ramming a lifetime confirmation for the highest court in the land through the review process in under 38 days. We could cite statistics, historical references, quotes from everyone and their mother about what they would or wouldn’t do in an election year. We could take our ball and go home – refuse to play. Except it isn’t our ball. The ball belongs to the Republicans. Actually, that’s not true. The ball belongs to the American people.

When discussions began about Senate Democrats boycotting the confirmation process I became furious – the kind of furious I feel every time our party refuses to do their job because they think the other side has cheated. Wake up Democrats! This is when I expect you to do your best work - when things are tough! When the other side has pulled the rug out from under us! When the chips are down!

I demand that you NOT TAKE MY BALL AND GO HOME!

We the People deserve your complete attention in this confirmation hearing. We expect you to run your side of things as though Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation is not a forgone conclusion. We want all the answers to all our questions. It is our right to know exactly who is being confirmed into the seat so recently vacated by the Notorious RBG. You owe your constituents the example of tenacity. We are no longer interested in long-winded speeches outlining why this nomination is such an injustice. We know that part already. Spend these proceedings finding out what we don’t know about Judge Barrett. Do the job you were hired to do – represent our interests. Who knows? Maybe a Hail Mary pass is out there somewhere. You’ll never know if you leave the game.

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