'Her Circle' of Justice for Governor Whitmer

Updated: May 19, 2020

It’s not surprising that Governor Whitmer is being attacked (or should we say, bullied) by those around her as she follows the science rather than the politics around COVID-19 and the need to keep social distancing in place to flatten the curve at this crucial time in history. What is unusual is her steady-as-she-goes response to everything ranging from the president of the United States calling her a “dog” to men with rifles storming the state’s Capitol as she presented the case to her state Senate, who, we might add, voted to keep it closed.

So we offer our Circle of Justice to a governor we admire and applaud. Our goal? One thousand signatures to show the country that it is a very small fraction of Michigan’s population that supports these lawless thugs in their quest to use intimidation to interrupt the political process in our state.

We celebrate Governor Whitmer’s thoughtful, educated approach to all matters that come before the Michigan Legislature.

Please email us at Christine@HerCircleNews.com to add your name to our growing list of Her Circle of Justice supporters. And, please send her a message in the comment section. Once we get 1,000 messages, we will copy and send them to her in support.

Karen Alberts

Abbie Allen Anderson

Darrell Amlin

Marty Amlin

Julie Artis

Holli Banks

Debbie Berg

Mary Biagini

Jenny Byer

Anne Byrnes

Christina Davison Thornton

Deborah Cadieux

Alicia Carr

Nona Carr

Sarah Carson

Susan Sparrow Carson

Anne Chaffee

Judith K. Christie

Mary Clinton

Martha J. Cook

Jan Cottrell

Jerry Crubaugh

Shannon Cummings

Cathy Cunningham

Jeanne Dolson

Linda Wheeler Donovan

Barbara Elter

Karen Epstein

Patrick Emmett

Cynthia Essary

Sandy Feloni

Elizabeth Fergus-Jean

Julia Fogerty

Karen Ford

Rochelle Forrester

Susan G Glass

Deb Goldberg

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