I surmise - Families of the GOP

I read the letters between John Adams and his wife, Abigail, and loved her role in the founding of our country. I hoped that other wives, sisters, mothers and daughters of the Founding Fathers were equally active in creating the thought and tenants of our Declaration of Independence, which is one of my favorite writings of all time. I feel like it's a story, and the Constitution is a text book. I'm more of a story reader. "We the people." Sorkin is right, it's a page turner.

I have wanted to write a play about a bunch of GOP peeps going home and what they are hearing when they come through the door. McConnell and his wife, Elaine Chao, Lindsey Graham and his sister, Pence and Mother (seriously, no judgement - but really?). And so on.

I imagine the conversations - the daughter that writes an email home saying she cannot come to Thanksgiving because she thinks her father is complicit in the destruction of the country her parents brought her up to love. She is articulate - this made up child of a GOP senator - and then his wife cries for days and eventually he chooses family over the RNC and Trump. I actually do not understand why it hasn't already happened. But maybe that's just me.

Take Pence for example. As I understand it from my reading (not to be confused with confirmed facts), Mother disliked Trump from the beginning, being the true Christian she is. But alas, even though she inherited some nice piece of change, bad investments by Pence made them cash poor (so to speak), and Pence told her this could be their ticket back to a strong cash flow. Trump would lose and he could run next time and in the meantime, they would be in the money. She, against her better judgement, said he could do it. (I like to think she gives him 'permission' rather than two equals discussing a joint plan, probably because I surmise that is why he is so comfortable treating Trump like the 'daddy' who is showing him the way, groveling with gratefulness in a frightening kind of way). Anyway, as those who were there tell it, when Trump won, Pence looked stricken and Mother got up and said, "well now what," or something to that effect, and walked out of the room. Not sure what she has said to him since, but she is rarely present at anything, and I figure she is trying to resolve her belief in God and the teachings of Jesus, which I believe is real for her, with the reality of what her husband is building and supporting with one of the most evil men to ever have an ounce of power in the world, let alone in our country.

Then imagine Chao and McConnell, who I think are right in lock-step as they seek to enrich their coffers (McConnell's wealth has increased by $2.5 million dollars every year for at least the past ten years). His work will change the course of history for generations to come, putting in judges that are not qualified so he can change laws to support that 1% who surely do not reside in his state. Nor will he reside in Kentucky, I suspect, when his time is up in the senate. And Chao? She is not my sister. Trust me, she isn't yours either.

So, I think about the women behind the men. I know they are there and I put out good thoughts with the hope they will speak up and stand strong and tell their spouses, fathers, sons and uncles to stop and change, or else. It takes a village. Or a family. It takes individuals to stand up to these men who have lost their way. I am counting on your fellow females.

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