I surmise ... Protesting

It's not that I haven't done it. I dragged my then six-year old to Anita Hill marches and went to D.C. to march with other women. And I felt great. I felt like it was a great use of my time. Four months later, my to-do list was back to normal and Anita Hill was lost in the obscurity of her scarred soul trying to move on. Nothing changed, as is shown by the fact that Kavanaugh twenty-some odd years later was hustled through with the exact same game plan as Thomas. Different players, same outcome.

Then the day after Trump swore to an oath he had no intention of honoring, my fellow females marched on D.C. again. They donned pussy hats (Really? Seriously? I was crestfallen that we would think that was a great way to be taken seriously. Don't try to change my mind, others much smarter than me haven't been able to.) They came back extolling how it was the best thing they ever did and voila, four months later, there was nothing.

Then there were those fabulous students from Florida after their fellow classmates were gunned down, who did better than the Anita supporters or even the Pussy Hats did, but they are virtually gone from the pubic eye now and not one gun law has been changed.

So, it's not that I don't think change needs to occur. And, what better time than now? I am all in. I am reading everything I can to change myself and the sphere of influence, however small, that I have around me, but I can't help but wonder at the wasted opportunity of millions walking the streets in unison. (Is it millions yet?) Shouldn't someone set up register to vote tables at all the places in which everyone is gathering? Isn't ACTION the imperative part of truly making change? November will decide what happens next for people of color in my opinion.

But it's more than that. What is missing is a leader... a Martin Luther King, or Bobby Kennedy, or someone who can bring it all together. Someone who can go to the White House the way King did with demands (ok, maybe not THIS White House as the price of entry means you never recover your moral fiber)? Who will step up and strategize the next move? We need someone who will UNITE the movement for change with action items in place, or four months from now, this will all be a time when added Fitbit mileage that blew our minds, is all we will have to show for these efforts.

Everyone says this is different, and I want to believe it is, but I think there has to be someone who leads with the list of changes that will start the ball rolling in more than our awareness of our shortcomings around how we view our fellow man. And, there has to be a plan for tomorrow. And the tomorrow after tomorrow.

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