Meet Ruth Marcus, Female Journalist Extraordinaire

One of the things we want to do at Her Circle News is to give female journalists a larger platform - showcase their fine work, which is often overshadowed by the male dominated news industry.

First up for me is Ruth Marcus!

Ruth Marcus is only five years younger than me, but let’s face it: There are those who get it done and those who read about those who get it done. Ruth is the former. She writes an op-ed column for The Washington Post, is on the editorial board, was up for a Pulitzer Prize, and went to Yale and then Harvard Law. Bitch. I’m just kidding. I could be her friend. She would look right at home with my girlfriends who care more about the conversation than what handbag contains your wallet.

So, a few things: Her new book, just out, “Supreme Ambition,” walks us through the Kavanaugh hearings with behind-the-scenes “footage” of what was in play and how people behaved. Reading it made me even angrier than I was the day that Jeff Flake spent 24 hours perfecting his perplexed, concerned, confused look while telling the world he needed more time to contemplate that which he had already decided to support. How dare I say that, you ask? I say that because in those 24 hours he was contemplating a review of the situation, new witnesses came forward with the same type of story around Kavanaugh’s treatment of women, and nothing came out exonerating him in any way. So if you were on the fence, it seems to me you could have only fallen in one direction over those few days. But don’t get me started on Flake, who now has the audacity to tweet to Republicans, asking them to stand up against Trump, when he himself did just the opposite and then ran for the hills faster than the speeding bullets that are taking down our country.

But the story that hurts the most from this amazing book — a page-turning soon to be bestseller — is the story of Christine Blasey Ford’s father, Ralph, who sent Kavanaugh’s father (they were friends from a country club to which they both belonged) an email the day after he was confirmed. He said both families had been through a lot, and he was glad Kavanaugh had been confirmed.

Yes, you can read the last paragraph as many times as you like, but it will not change what it says. Christine’s parents never signed statements supporting her, nor did they come to the hearings, which is fine. I believe Christine’s father didn’t want to rock the boat at the place where he spends his weekends. For his daughter. For women. In my mind, he is a coward.

We all have dinner parties and country clubs and organizations where we are among those that disagree when it comes to politics today. We have lost the right to silence right now. In my opinion, silence never favors the oppressor. Stand up, and quietly, firmly, FACTUALLY be counted, and watch others follow. It’s what is missing in the senate, and it’s what is missing at country clubs and other membership-based community places around the country. We have to stop screaming about senators not standing up, when we are not standing up for what we believe in our own communities. I digress. Back to my new BFF Ruth Marcus.

Marcus also details why the evidence mattered not at all in the end, with Kavanaugh being confirmed. She walks us through his testimony, mocked by liberals, but effective in breaking down Christine’s chilling, calm, decimation of his character. The reason to read the book is to recognize the new persuasive politics, based not on anything real or factual or a promise of a better future, but on riling up feelings inside us that don’t make sense but call for action that we give in to without any thought as to merit. Terrifying.

Marcus is a new hero mentor of mine. Follow her on Twitter: @RthMarcus. She has 46,000 followers, but she should have millions. She’s yet another female journalist giving us hope that the news can be real at some point in the future. And be sure to get her book on Amazon.

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