Obama & Clinton Need to Call a Meeting: Bernie is not the Answer

Barack Obama and Bill Clinton need to gather the candidates together for a chat. They need to call on those running against Bernie to do the right thing for their country and for the democracy of America. They need to put the ticket together behind closed doors and ask the rest of the candidates to take one for the team. It has never happened before, but we have also never before had a justice system controlled by a president. Nor have we ever before stripped the country of dignity and moral fiber in government quite like this. This is not about whether we have a Democrat or Republican in the White House for the next four years. It is about whether our democracy folds altogether in the next twelve months.

There is an episode of “The West Wing,” season seven, in which it is apparent to President Bartlet that the Democrats are going to kill the party with a floor fight when there is not a clear winner for the nomination. He sends Leo McGarry to the convention to tell Matt Santos to turn over his delegates, and that he can run again next time. Santos appears to be willing to do so, but then instead of giving a concession speech uniting the party, he tells the delegates to vote for the individual they think will best represent the party. Of course, he wins the nomination, and subsequently, the election. Well, pull up a chair, Bernie Sanders. You are no Matt Santos. And, this is not about a nominee for the party; it's about the future of the free world.

If you look at Trump’s rise to power in the 2016 Republican primaries, it wasn’t by a clear winning majority. What it was is the same thing we are facing with Bernie. It was the centrists and Republican base split between Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich (God, I wish it had been him!), etc. And then there were the radical angry, predominately white men and women over 50 who have seen their power in America waning as diversity has become the norm, who voted in the primaries and gave Trump what he needed. The majority of the party, who would never have supported him, was split between the aforementioned men. They never banned together to stop what was a disaster for the party — if we are to believe it was a reasonable party of less government but not a lawless dictatorship controlled by fear and hatred.

Fifty-five percent of Americans do NOT want Trump to be president for a second term.

The election will be won in Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Florida. We can throw Arizona in for good measure.

These states will not vote to elect Bernie Sanders. They just won’t. The unions do not want their health care taken away, and he is as scary to them as Trump, only they know Trump.

Trump will win if Bernie is the nominee.

Bernie does not have the majority of Democrats on his side. The other candidates and diluting the vote to allow him to take the lead. It's a repeat of Trump and the Republicans in 2016. Did we learn nothing?

Bernie is supported by Russia because they know he can’t beat Trump.

It’s time for a Sorkin approach. Right away.

And if that Sorkin approach isn’t going to happen, then Bloomberg needs to put out a new ad campaign until Super Tuesday that walks Americans through the facts around a Bernie vote, and he needs to bring in every respectable, smart famous person to have them reinforce it.

Bernie’s fabulous, angry revolution believes people will vote in the primary. The MAJORITY of democrats will not, and that is why the divided group searching for those votes from Dems who will vote against Trump but not get out during the primaries needs to be told the following: “YOU MUST VOTE ON SUPER TUESDAY.” If not, the same thing that propelled Trump to the nomination will propel Bernie.

The Bernie fans do not have any understanding of the fact that without the moderate Americans who want an alternative to Trump to vote for, they will not, cannot win. They would rather go down with their righteous anger at the injustices that need to be addressed, but they should not do so at this precarious moment in time.

And I hate to say it, but the airwaves need to be saturated with the fact that Bernie has known for more than a month that the Russians are helping him. Slip your mind, did it, Bernie? And that Bernie refuses to put out his medical files, and that’s a deal breaker. Another Trump, is he?

I beg my fellow Democrats to recognize the state of our country and vote for Bloomberg or Biden, and let’s get the truly terrifying Trump out of office. Take one for the team if you need to. Recognize that on this day, at this moment in time, we cannot make the changes you may wish we could to become a radical left-wing–policy country. Recognize that democracy is based on not getting exactly what you want, but getting what is right for the country as a whole.

Sometimes more is just more, it’s not better. And, in the case of the large number of candidates running for the democratic nomination, it’s worse. So much worse. Stand down for your country and for civilization.

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