Ohio Law on Fallopian Pregnancies

Ohio's newest abortion legislation up for a vote is frightening and dangerous and ill-informed. Basically it is saying that it will be a crime to not 'replant' an embryo that was removed from a fallopian pregnancy (a life-threatening condition when an egg gets implanted in the fallopian tube instead of the uterus). Women DIE fro

m these pregnancies. There is NO SUCH THING as replanting it. We contacted Dr. Thomas Kerenyi, who I recently interviewed on our podcast about the history of abortion, and asked him to comment on this new law.

"It is preposterous! I am not aware that it has ever been done successfully. No Gyn in his right mind would even attempt it. If it would not result in 100% failure, it might result in damaged embryos, complicated miscarriages, or all sorts of unforeseen complications. This would be tantamount to medical experimentation on non-consenting women, sheer madness." - Thomas Kerenyi

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