Recognizing Doubt

Updated: Apr 13


Do you ever doubt? If so, why? About what?

Doubt about our spirituality, our beliefs - and others' beliefs - at one time or another is common to everyone's life.

It has been an integral part of the growth of all great mystics and spiritual leaders, including Jesus, Buddha and Ghandi, and Mother Theresa. Doubt serves as a powerfully transformative emotion, yet it only becomes a negative experience when we decide we are powerless against its hold on us.

The antidote to doubt is faith.

We can use our meditation practice to recognize doubt as simply doubt. Label it as a thought that is generating emotions and bodily sensations. Once you start to see doubt clearly, it breaks up the story you are creating of the experience and becomes a much less overtaking mind-state. With our meditation practice, we come to see that all of our doubts are only waves of uncertainty about what is true now or in the future, which manifest as words, images, and bodily sensations.

Sue Baxter



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