Show Me the Money? Democrat Fundraising Soaking Me Dry

I have given a contribution to a number of campaigns these past few months- mostly women - running for Congress and the Senate. So, I receive a lot of email in my inbox from those candidates and also text messages when I've given my phone number.

Pete Buttigieg is one of them. I have given him the most actually. Hundreds of dollars in the end. I just removed myself from his mailing list and I'm doing the same for the other candidates to whom I have contributed. Please scroll down to see the text messages I have received from Mayor Pete over the past two weeks. NOT ONE did anything other than ask me for money.

You can't JUST ask for money. And, that is what you are all doing. You cannot build anything JUST ASKING for my money. Tell me to do something. Tell me to post something about the Federal Judges that have been appointed, the most recent of which was not qualified and should not have been approved. Tell me to ask my present Congressman, or Chuck Schumer why he is not holding daily news conferences about those that are squeezing through the nomination process with nary a peep in the media. Tell me to read something that will enlighten me that you HAVEN'T written.

Tell me what the first thing you would do when you sat down at your desk in the Oval? Tell me what your response to Trump's latest ridiculous tweet is. Engage me. Entertain me. Education me. Don't just suck me dry.

Yes, I'm irritated.

Here are the texts from the last week from Pete...

... but first we need the resources to win this primary. Donate:

  • You. Pete. Burgers. Chip in to be automatically entered to win a trip to meet Pete and share a meal:

  • Happy debate night! If you're proud to be on Team Pete, please chip in right now to help us reach our two million donation goal:

  • Last night was the final debate of the year, and Pete got attacked from every corner of the stage. He showed American voters that he is the leader we need to beat Trump. And now, we need to show up for Pete. If you can, please chip in today:

  • We're 95% of the way to our two million donation goal. Can you chip in right now to help us get there before the end of the year?

  • Super PACs are attacking Pete from every corner because he's the candidate to beat. We need you right now -- before the year is over.

  • And starting today, you can sign up for weekly recurring donations and double your impact before the end of the year. Can you do that right now?

  • The best contest of the year is almost over! Chip in to be automatically entered to win a trip to meet Pete on the campaign trail:

  • Beating Donald Trump in 2020 will be the fight of our lives. This administration has made it clear that they will stop at nothing to hold onto power -- and they're significantly outraising us. Can you chip in tonight to help us hit our 2 million donation goal?

  • We started as an underdog campaign. Now we are staffed by over 500 people, funded by over 700,000 donors, and powered by millions of supporters. But what we raise in the next 3 days will determine what type of campaign we can run in 2020. Can you chip in today?

Christine Merser: remove me.

Pete For America: You have been removed from mobile texts. No further msgs will be received. Removed by mistake? Reply OOPS to rejoin.

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