Stop Changing Women to Fit the Workplace.

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

We need to stop trying to change women, and start to change the workplace, says Michelle King, in her recent piece by the same name for Evoke, the brain child of Melinda Gates. She is right and it dove tails in with my belief that I don’t want to act like a man, I want to behave in my own personal style and be judged on my content and ideas, not whether I yelled them at you like a man.  Don’t miss this article.

An Excerpt. 

"In every interview I asked leaders the same questions:

  • Why are there so few women leaders in your organization?

  • What barriers do you think women encounter trying to advance at work?

Male leaders all generally responded in the same way. They told me that their workplaces were a meritocracy because everyone was treated in the same way. There were no gender differences and so women don’t face any additional barriers to advancement.

However, the women I talked to outlined barriers they have experienced throughout their careers, including difficulties associated with accessing promotions, high profile assignments, development opportunities, and informal networks. Men did not encounter the same challenges.

Men still maintained that employees have an equal opportunity to get ahead, regardless of gender. The impact that gender inequality has on women’s careers was simply denied. This is gender denial."

Full Article Here

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