The Real Issue with Jeffrey Epstein

Updated: Apr 13

Over and over again it comes to light that those around Epstein - and many of them outside of law enforcement, enabled, even encouraged, his abuse of young girls.

A must read NYTimes article about two sisters who went to the police, the FBI, renowned painter, Eric Fischl, Vanity Fair (who ran a piece without their stories. The editor, Graydon Carter, said in an email that Ms. Ward’s sourcing on the Farmers’ account did not meet the magazine’s legal standards. But Ms. Ward indicated on Twitter recently that she believed that Mr. Carter had succumbed to pressure from Mr. Epstein) and many others.)

This painting by Maria Farmer, one of the sisters, brought her to Epstein. She stopped painting after her experience with him. She is painting again. I hope to buy one of her paintings one day.

Here is the point. There were MANY MEN who were told about Epstein over and over and over again. He is not the problem - those around him who enabled him - and they include government protectors of American citizens, are the problem. Not standing up and exposing that which is brought to you is as bad as being the perpetrator.

Annie and Maria Farmers are heroes.

-Christine MerSo

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