What Do You Live For?

Updated: Apr 13

With the start of the New Year, I was discussing our 'purpose' with a friend, when she asked me, “What do you live for?”

It seemed an easy enough question, and it was easy for me to remember having little children and thinking at the time that I lived for them.  They took so much of my time and attention, and they were so dependent, that it was a simple thing to say I truly did live for them.

As they got older, though, and more independent, I still clung to them as my 'purpose' and what I was living for.  Now, after being asked the question,  I realize that they were always living their own destiny and marching to their own drum. I was deluding myself to believe I was in any way “living for them”. 

So what do I 'live for'?  


At this stage of my life, it would be politically correct to say that I live to serve God. 

And I do believe that a greater consciousness lives within each of us... so am I not actually living to serve the Spirit within?  


As I reflect on my life, however, and consider how I talk to myself, I realize I am being limited in how I serve -- by my inherited patterns, by my age and how I relate to that, by my looks and how I respond to that.

Could our purpose, then, be what we were brought here with, a greater purpose that we need to share in this world, from this body, with our emotions, our mind and our spirit?

Does that then become our focus on the journey, and not the destination?

And how do we define, discover, and realize what that 'purpose' is? 


Consider this questionnaire, which I enjoyed filling out, and how it might relate to our journey, our purpose, and what we live for -- 

“As you awaken to your soul’s true purpose, you can create a life where you are operating out of your unique genius most of the time.”

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